Bored at home with a poorly boo? Try these boredom busters!

There is nothing worse for a child than having to stay indoors because of a virus or flu bug. Besides being bored, they might be feeling uncomfortable with a tummy or tooth ache. Once the novelty of watching movies and playing games wears off, why not try an easy and simple craft project?

I wanted to share some easy ideas that aren’t too messy and don’t require too much preparation (or clean up!)

Hopefully, these ideas will take their mind off their aches and pains – and especially their boredom – at least for a little while.

Torn Paper Shape Collage – this craft project is as easy as it sounds! Take lots of different coloured paper and rip them into small pieces. You could get creative and use a variety of different types of paper – construction paper, wrapping paper, newspaper, tissue paper – anything will do! Once you have all your paper ripped into small pieces, glue them onto a plain piece of paper to make a collage. You might even want to try and replicate an artist’s painting.

Craft Stick Frames – Supplies you need to make these simple and adorable frames are craft sticks, glue, markers and photos. Kids of all ages love to make these frames, and not only are they great boredom busters, but they make lovely gifts for grandparents and relatives. A great link for making these are









Rock Crafts- This is definitely a favourite of ours and requires just a few supplies – paint and stones! It is very easy to transform stones found in the back garden or in the local park into animals, people, or toys.  We just recently made some ladybirds at home, and they are fab!

These make great paper weights for your office or decorations around your home. At the most basic, you can just paint something on top of the stones (smooth ones work best). If you have googly eyes or pipe cleaners, you can get more creative. Just make sure to have some glue handy.

Design A Simple Board Game – You might find that designing the game is more fun that playing the game. Who knows, your poorly boo may create a family treasure – or even a new Monopoly! All you need is some bits and pieces from around the house and a little imagination. You can start with a large piece of paper, some crayons, a die, but if you are feeling up for it, then you can use stickers, buttons, fabric, felt shapes, pasta! Anything you have around the house could work in designing a new game to play.

Easy Stained-Glass Window Hanging– This is a wonderful activity to do at home. Not only will it help make the time go by, but they look so great hanging in the window. Most likely, you will have all the supplies at home. We found this link to be really helpful the last time we made these:

There are so many really easy and simple activities to help your children pass the time if they are home feeling poorly. We often find that simple craft activities are great boredom busters









My daughter has asked to make slime recently – we may make this our next sick day activity. If you have any good tips for making simple slime, send them my way!




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