Sick kids and what to do with them.


When you have children you have to expect germs to get into your house at some point or another but I never thought I’d have this many all at once.

These past three weeks my life has been taken over by so many germy bugs and I’ve had enough! We’ve had; croup, colds, diarrhea, soar throats, conjunctivitis, the flu, stomach flu and scarlet fever. I kid you not – I’ve spent so much time in the doctors surgery these last 21 days I thought they were going to start charging me rent!

Here’s what I’ve been doing to try and keep everything (and everyone) under control.

1. Create a “sick bucket”

Basically a first aid kit that includes more than just your normal plasters and TCP. You always need Calpol when you’ve got kids so buy a big bottle. It’s also handy to have Calprofen too (ibuprofen) for persistent fevers. Old towels or rags (for mopping up sick) a bucket or bowl (to keep supplies in/use as an actual sick bucket) cold compresses, a temperature thermometer, Vapo rub or Olbus oil, rehydration powders, wet wipes, and Dettol spray. These are all the things I keep together for when my kids get sick.

But to save on the hassle of gathering all of these things individually, invest in a Poorly Boo first Aid box. These are an absolute essential for any parent – I was so impressed with mine, during the Kids sickness – I can’t recommend it enough. Check out their Facebook Page Here


2. Colds.

Not a lot can be done about a cold but trying to make them comfortable can help. Try keeping some fresh air coming into the house and limit the central heating (this plays havoc with my sons asthma when he’s got a cold). Putting Vapo rub onto feet covered with clean socks is said to help a stuffy nose especially in younger kids, I also like to put a few drops of Olbus oil in a bowl of hot water in the rooms at night or into a steamy bathroom. Calpol for a temperature, of course.

3.Stomach Flu.

Charlie had this for 6 days straight. We had two visits to the GP and a day in A&E. It wasn’t nice at all. The poor boy couldn’t keep a single drop of water down. You’ll need lots of Dettol spray and rags/towels plus wet wipes (there will be diarrhea and it will be both at the same time!) Trying to keep them hydrated is the most important thing and yet the hardest. But offering something is better than not offering. Offer the re-hydration fluid after each loose stool – giving a drop at a time via syringe if need be. Keep temperate down by giving Calpol and ibuprofen alternatively (Calpol at 10am Ibuprofen at 12pm) if temperate is still very high I’d see a GP for advise. If after 3 days of the bug and still no better, see your GP. the 3rd and 4th day Charlie was diagnosed with a viral bug but by the 5th he was in hospital having a suppository up his bottom! Always see a GP for advice but if you’re very concerned go to the hospital. You know your child best.

4. Scarlet Fever.

We had to get this one didn’t we! And guess who got it? Ellie!

Of all the people who was least expected to get it, she had to be the one didn’t she? Turns out she was the first in her school to have a confirmed case of scarlet fever so I do apologies to any one who caught it from her!

Ellie started off with a croup like cough and a fever. Nothing could be done about the cough but lots of fluids were recommend by the GP (first visit). However, Ellie got very ill very quickly after 3 days of the cough starting. She had the shakes, a high fever, soar throat and a pounding headache. The next morning she had a rash, but not like the rash usually expected with scarlet fever. It started on her hands only. And looked like the start of chicken pox.


The GP confirmed scarlet fever as soon as she looked into Ellies mouth and so antibiotics were required. To keep her comfortable I kept her in good supply of drinks, open windows for fresh air, Calpol for the fever and propped up to sleep at night. Overall she spent 3 days in bed, barely leaving her room expect to have a bath or go to the toilet. If you suspect scarlet fever, even if only a small rash, see a GP as soon as possible. Ellie never gets ill and it knocked her about pretty bad.


5. Other Tips / Information.

1 I’m not a doctor – this is just what i do for my children. Your children may be very different.

2 Always see a GP if in doubt, even if you feel like you’re spending half of your life there.

3 Always go to hospital if your child takes a sudden turn for the worst. Don’t wait

4 Offer lots to drink through any illness. Water is best but anything is better than nothing, even ice lollies.

5 Get lots of fresh air in the house and limit central heating if possible.

6 Colouring books are great for entertaining when they’re bored.

7 Give food little and often, Don’t stress if they don’t feel like eating for a couple of days. Bland food is best. No sweets.

8 Mums: Don’t forget to rest yourself. We all know a household can not function properly without you so pass the sick bucket to your other half for an hour.

9 Remember: hugs and kisses are sometimes all the medicine a child needs to feel better

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Hayley-Jayne Xx

Sick Kids and What To Do With Them




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