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Welcome to PoorlyBoo

PoorlyBoo Cheshire provides essential healthcare for your little ones

Everything parents need to deal with the most common illnesses

Beautifully packaged and carefully selected essential baby and toddler healthcare products. A cute and unique gift for friends, colleagues and family with children or with little ones on the way.

Save up to £15 compared to buying the items individually (and without the fab presentation).

We do our very best to keep our little ones healthy, but babies sometimes get poorly.

They get snuffles, colds, upset tummies and all manner of symptoms that they can’t explain (and of course teething brings its own special symptoms!).

We’ve done a lot of research to find out what products should make up your PoorlyBoo Box. Our focus groups identified a range of 12 products that new parents want on hand to help cope with the most common ailments. These are conveniently packed in a travel sized case that can be stored at home or easily taken away with you.


Happy Parents & Guardians

What can I say, It’s the best gift I have ever received for my daughter when she had her baby! It’s been very, very useful.

The best gift!


A medicine cupboard staple in this house! Teeth, colds, bumps and bangs, this is the first port of call to alleviate symptoms.

Paracetamol 120mg/5ml oral suspension

Adele - Isabel & Connie’s mum

A really important point to note is that according to the NHS website, ibuprofen should not be given to children with chickenpox.

Ibuprofen 100mg/5ml oral suspension

Nisha - Anika & Arjun’s mum

When Alesha had colic a friend recommended this. I didn’t hold out much hope but it really did seem to make a difference.

Infacol oral suspension

Sarah – Alesha mum

A few drops of this on a tissue in Elodie’s room helps her to breathe so much more easily.

Olbas for children – inhalant decongestant oil

Helen – Elodie’s mum