About us

We do our very best to keep our little ones healthy, but babies sometimes get poorly. They get snuffles, colds, upset tummies and all manner of symptoms that they can’t explain (and of course teething brings its own special symptoms!).

As a first time mum with a pharmacist husband, I made sure I was prepared with all of the remedies and over-the-counter medications that I might need. It didn’t stop the sleepless nights when they were poorly but it did mean I had what I needed to alleviate their symptoms so we could all rest a bit easier.

Chatting to the mums I know, I discovered that there are some essential medicines and remedies they wouldn’t be without. From this the spark of an idea was born. A kit of essentials for mums and dads filled with the products tried, tested and approved of by parents. A PoorlyBoo box means you’ve got some essentials on hand when you need them the most! There’s no need to pop to the Chemist and you might even get a bit more sleep.

We’ve done a lot of research to find out what products should make up your PoorlyBoo Box. Our focus groups identified a range of 13 products that new parents want on hand to help cope with the most common ailments. These are conveniently packed in a travel sized case that can be stored at home or easily taken away with you.

We would love to hear your feedback or if there are any additional products you think we should include.

Wishing you and your little ones happiness and health, Manju Bhatia, Founder & Mum