Chicken Pox!

The dreaded pox!

The sight that strikes fear into the heart of every parent – those little blisters that seem to multiply by the second. They’re itchy and sore, and there’s very little we can do other than give lots of cuddles and ride it out. If you’re stuck indoors with a spotty little one, here are our top tips to help you all get through it.

1. Bicarb in the bath works wonders to ease itching. Just a couple of tablespoons is all you need to soothe those pesky pox
2. Alternatively, porridge oats in a muslin or old sock, hung over the tap as the bath runs will have the same effect
3. Pain relief – steer clear of ibruprofen it can lead to an increased risk of serious skin infection and a nasty condition called necrotising fasciitis. Paracetamol should help to ease any discomfort
4. Calamine cream is much easier to apply than lotion
5. For little ones still in nappies as much bare bottom time as possible will help spots in the nappy area to heal more quickly
6. Chocolate & Paw Patrol. It might not cure it but it certainly helps! For everyone.